For Only A Moment

Feel what I feel, for only a moment,
Smell what I smell, for only a moment,
Hear what I hear, for only a moment,
Touch what I touch,
But see,
See what I see, and it is a moment of a lifetime,
Through these eyes those moments are infinite,
As life stands still.

- Paul F. McMIllian

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Kansas City Landscapes

 As a native of Kansas City, I would travel to the city to see what I could see. It was always an adventure. Many days not knowing where I was going, I would find myself at a red stop light saying to myself, no, I want to keep going, so at every red light, I turn right to see where it will take me.  I found myself in parts of the city that few knew about, at least my friends, between two skyscrapers or an alley with graffiti. The images in this collection are those parts of my journey, some are with intent, others are by chance. Our city has a lot to offer. Please consider taking one or a collection to hang on your walls at your home or office and if you do so, I want to thank you now. Enjoy.

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Kansas City Black & White Landscapes

Going back to my roots in photography using an early Nikon F. 35 millimeter camera, I knew I love black-and-white it was different even then. I've studied the works of Ansel Adams the world class black-and-white photographer and others to perfect my art. This gallery collection resonates with me even stronger now. The images are renderings of the original images of Kansas City landscapes. Please note any image can be reproduced as a fine art black-and-white print from any gallery.

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Color Of A City

As an artist coming from the world of film, I loved black and white photography, but nothing says it like COLOR. My adventures have led me to see that Color and LOTS of IT. This gallery has many images showing the vibrates and diversity within our beautiful city that would make great wall collections for your home or office.

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Slice Of Life - KC - Street Photography

These images are true life, unstaged, unfiltered moments in one's life seen through my photojournalistic illustrator eyes. I ask you to look deeply for the human connection in this street photography collection of Kansas City.  But the streets say it all. 

Fine Art Images

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Fine Art

In this collection as a photographic artist, I will be taking you in many different directions, some are intentional, some are experimental, while others are just looking for ways to express myself in my art. I go into this collection with an open and exploring mind.

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The Steel Palette

 This series started on a Sunday morning driving the country roads in Missouri and Kansas.  What I found exploring with eyes wide open was exciting, wondrous and adventurous, studying an old pile of steel for hours looking for patterns, reflections, textures and colors. It's all here, but watch your step looking back in time.

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Life In Motion

In this collection, you'll find a study of being there, "Off The Sofa ".  I love seeing what others don't and getting out there.  I wanted to experience life in every way and any way, so my journey started with a list, a bucket list, of sports and events that would take me “off the sofa”. I have experienced each and every one of these images in different ways, don't waste any time, buckle your seatbelts, you're on a journey of " Life in Motion"

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Raw Foodie Art

My wife is a foodie and I'm a photographer. That's how this group came together.  Playing with our food, colors, textures, design, is what influenced this collaboration. The face names all came from thinking of who does this remind you of Uncle John, Aunt Violet, Gramps.  This collection has been in health food stores, health spas and kitchen walls. So how fun would they be on your kitchen walls? Thank you. 

Places Of The Heart

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This is a grouping of images taken all over the United States and beyond. They are intended to take YOU to a quiet place. Let's take a walk or have a seat in this quiet place.

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Peace At Unity Village

This is a special location on Earth where one can come and find peace.  It's a spiritual community of wonder. This collection is of the grounds and all four seasons of the year. So all are welcome to walk the grounds with me in Peace & Love.  There are rose gardens, grand water fountains, hiking trails, and a stone labyrinth.   No reservations needed, except their fabulous Air B&B's on the grounds.  Come check it out, you might find me somewhere.

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